Aqua Signal Antique Industrial Twin Tube Light Made in Germany
Material :  Aluminum and Glass
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This Fluorescent tube light was produced in Germany. A German designer named Paul Mrosek made the principal blast-proof fluorescent tube light during the 1930s. What's more, since we are moving between Art Deco and Modernism as of now, this is apparent in the plan. This is a veritable, genuine, no reproduction blast confirmation two fire huge modern cylinder light comprised of aluminium. It very well may be introduced swinging from chains. Reasonable for substantial feel, moderate outfitting styles, inventively intended for office insides and visitor rooms.

Additional Information- 

Aqua Signal Aktiengeselischah

2800 Bremen 45

Type 86.11

EN 50014 VDE 0171 E Exde, IIB T5

PTB NR. EX-88.B.211

W 240V, AC/DC= 0–60, Hz= 0.95, Ta 45 degree C

Material- Aluminum and Glass

Type: Industrial Tube Light

Country/Region of Origin: Made in Germany

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