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  • Our Maritime Heritage:

    For a quarter of a century, Marine Light USA has been a beacon of heritage and authenticity in the world of maritime collectibles. Our story began in 1990 when our first generation embarked on a journey to curate and share the captivating history of nautical lighting and marine artifacts with enthusiasts and collectors. Over the years, we've become synonymous with quality craftsmanship and a deep appreciation for the sea's timeless allure.

  • Navigating the Digital Seas in 2015:

    In 2015, we embraced the digital age, charting a new course into the online marketplace. This transition was driven by our desire to expand our reach, connect with maritime fanatics worldwide, and make our extensive collection of marine treasures accessible to a global audience. It marked the beginning of a new chapter in our commitment to preserving maritime history and culture.

  • Our Distinctive Offering:

    At Marine Light USA, we take pride in offering an exceptional selection of nautical antique ship lights and marine-themed home products. Our collection reflects the rich history and craftsmanship of the sea, allowing you to infuse your living spaces with the mystique of the maritime world.

  • Why Choose Marine Light USA:

    Authenticity: Our antique ship lights and marine products are meticulously sourced, restored, and curated to ensure their authenticity and historical significance.

  • Craftsmanship:

    Each piece in our collection is a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of maritime artisans, making them unique additions to your home decor.

  • Global Reach:

    We ship our treasures worldwide, connecting enthusiasts and collectors with the maritime heritage they cherish.

  • Passion for the Sea:

    We are driven by our deep passion for the sea and its history. Our team is dedicated to preserving this heritage and sharing it with you.

  • Join Us on This Nautical Journey:

    Whether you're a collector, a decorator with a love for nautical themes, or simply someone who appreciates the timeless beauty of the sea, Marine Light USA invites you to embark on a voyage of discovery. Explore our collection and let the stories of the sea illuminate your home.

Thank you for choosing Marine Light USA – Your Home's Maritime Connection.

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Welcome to Marine Light USA, Nautical Lights & Antiques

Are you in search of some antique shiplights for your restaurant, resort, villa, or kitchen? Well, then you have landed upon the perfect site. We have years of experience in this industry and we offer quality products to the market. These lights are available in brass, copper, lantern, and in many other metals. Our company is renowned and trustworthy all over the world. These lights give a royal feeling to your home, restaurant, or kitchen. It changes the complete look of your place and is pleasant to watch. On the dockyard, these lights are highly used. You can check our collections were refurbished and ready to use antique shiplights are provided. Due to these lights, one gets the direction in which way the ship is traveling.

Apart from this, vintage shiplights are also manufactured by us by using brass and aluminum. These are found in various shapes and sizes. These lights look amazing in an open garden and also for commercial uses. These are available in budget and depending upon the demand of the customers; we are manufacturing and supplying this light. Ship Lights Fixtures are basically used on ships and hence we provide 100% guaranteed metal and product that can last for a longer period of time. Even Salvaged shiplights are available that give direction to the ships and are used outside the home to get the proper path. Excellent quality materials are used by our teammates and they deliver the best to their customers.

Our wires and bulbs used in nautical shiplights are brand new and till now no complaints have been received by any of our clients or customers. We keep on updating with variations of nautical shiplights. Lights supplied from our company lasts long for years and the reviews given by the clients and customers are good. We satisfy their need and deliver the best to them.

We all know that the shiplights are available in various forms of metal. But Brass Shiplights manufacturing and demand is always in the top position. The brass metal used is very shiny and strong as compared to any other metals. It is available in various sizes and shapes and is also weatherproof. The installations of these lights are simple and thus easy seamless connection is being done. Old Shiplights are the best ones which are supplied all over the world and are highly in demand. These lights are useful in residential as commercial sectors. We assure you that our ultimate aim is to provide the best services to the customers and clients. All our products are tested first before the dispatch. Therefore, be it your home décor, business, or any other place, our company lights are always there to make your place look elegant and shiny. Numerous types of lighting are manufactured by us and old shiplights are also converted into table lamps. Thus, anytime you can give a call to us and we will be there at your service. Hence, be the first one to call us and order the lights as per your choice.