Nautical Vintage Salvaged Antique Square Porthole
Material :  Aluminum
Avaibility In Stock :  Yes
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These portholes still hold the character and charm that is expected to be with a genuine restored piece. The universal design of the porthole makes it applicable for display, home design or for the genuine use of this porthole. We restored and polished these portholes for that chrome look which compliments every mood and space. We are the largest salvage of ship portholes along with all the nautical products, with a team of expert and experienced workforce for more than 10 years, we are one of the most trusted sites when it comes to restoration and nautical products. Check out the wide range of authentic, genuine ship salvage parts with universal design and application.

SKU: S002

Shape: Square

Material: Aluminum

Original/Reproduction: Vintage Original

Making: Handcraft

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