Original Reclaimed American Cargo Ship Wall Light
Material :  Brass
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We have delightful Wall art stylistic theme Lamp/Light. Its Brass Swan Shade transport light will keep its magnificence and Vintage engagement for a long time. This light is one of our most well-known things. It has a nautical rescue feel to it. This beautiful consist Brass Nautical Passageway 90 Degree Swan Light with Shade. It is a recovered copy of Light from Old American Cargo Ships. It is consist of hard and solid Brass. If you are searching for nautical collectable or vintage lights, we have the largest determination you will find.​


Material : Brass

Type : Swan Shade Light {Sconce}

Making : Handcrafted

Dimensons : Light( Height - 8 Inches Depth - 8 Inches)

                      Shade/Cap (diameter - 8 Inches)

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