Interior Exterior Triangle Wall Mount Light Fixture

Interior Exterior Triangle Wall Mount Light Fixture


$320 - $400

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Description & Specification

This light is made of Solid Brass, it is an imitation replica of the first vintage 1970's Japanese traveller Wall Mounted boat light. Manufactured by Marine Light USA with the best quality materials. A magnificent strong Brass developed smooth Triangle Deck light. The apparatus works from a strong die-cast Brass that is impervious to consumption. All equipment, for example, Hex nut, screws, and so on, are Brass. The meticulousness is eminent. The apparatus is worked for nature while wearing a tasteful that looks as resplendent as any inside lighting piece. We have replicated this light to flawless principles. The item is best for regions like open-air porches and covered decks. At the point when you purchase Ship Lights online from us, you become part of the Marine Light USA family and can expect outstanding client support consistently. In case of inquiries concerning Ship Lights or some other item available to be purchased, our client care group is anxious to help.

SKU: TB001

Material: Brass

Type: Mount Light Fixture

Dimensions: Length- 13 inch, Width- 5 inch, Height- 9 inch