Replica Nautical Antique Bulkhead Lamp Fixture
Material :  Brass and Copper
Avaibility In Stock :  Yes
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MRP $:- 250
You Save $:- 85
Selling Price $.165.00/-

Brass bulkhead light fixture with a Copper Deflector. It is the replica version of the original vintage and is manufactured by us. It is customizable according to the buyer’s request and we sell it in bulk quantities. It can be used anywhere our mind fancies, for instance, it can be mount in hotels, restaurants, at home, parties and anywhere and everywhere we want. Some customers have even bought to use as movie props. These lights are basically ship lights, but modern décor calls for a different approach and this particular light can cater to our particular tastes quite elegantly. The aforementioned light is in working condition and is not just a decorative piece. It will look absolutely elegant anywhere we fix it.

SKU- BB026

Material- Brass and Copper

Type- Bulkhead Lamp

Original/Reproduction- Antique Reproduction

Making- Handcrafted

Maker- Marine Light USA


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