Nautical Ceiling Mounted Pendant Light Fixture

Nautical Ceiling Mounted Pendant Light Fixture


$249 - $320

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MATERIAL : Aluminum, Brass and Copper
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Description & Specification

It is a Ceiling Mounted Pendant light. The aforementioned light can be hung from the ceiling. This particular light fixture is made of Copper, Brass, and Aluminum and is a replica version of the original vintage.
These lights are customizable in accordance with the buyer’s tastes.
It can be used in bars, parties, hotels as well as restaurants.
This light looks very elegant and can make a dull space look beautiful in no time.

SKU: PS012

Body Material: Aluminum, Copper, and Brass

Type: Pendant Light

Usage/Application: Indoor lighting

Original/Reproduction: Antique Reproduction

Making: Handicraft

Dimension: Length- 21 inch, Width- 10 inch