Antique Wiska Wall Bullseye Light Lamp With Shade


$145 - $170

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Description & Specification

Our Vintage Marine items have been salvaged from ships. It is Old passanger Antique Mounted Bulkhead Ceiling/Wall Light with Brass body and a touch glass. All original condition , far superior to high street newer versions. These fittings have survived over 60 years at sea. With all the charm and character expected from vintage fittings, these look great when lined up in a row in a passageway or corridor. You can wall mount them (we recommend over head height ?!) with conduit trunking the fitting will come out from the wall. They can be ceiling mounted above doorways , pictures or in recesses. The quality of this item is superb, a build quality you never see these days. We have the best Collection of Nautical Vintage Lights and Items.

SKU: OB040

Material: Brass

Type: Brass Bulkhead Light

Making: Handicrafted