Antique Ship Mount Light With Copper Defector Cover Shade
Material :  Brass and Copper
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These lights are Wiska and Centurion. Both manufacturers produce identical fixtures. It is a Late Century German cast Brass and Glass Shade Wiska Explosion Proof Pendant Light with Copper Defector Cover Shade. It's a Wiska Explosion Proof Pendant Light with Copper Deflector Cover Shade. It's an Old Bulkhead Light from Old passenger ship. It is made up of Brass and is an Antique Vintage Bulkhead Light with Copper Shade. It can be fixed on walls and Ceilings to give a better vintage outcome to the place it is fixed. It can be used in Livingroom, Halls, entryways, Gardens Lighting, at home and can be used in Hotels, Restaurants, Ships, etc Places. We have the best Collection of Nautical Vintage Lights and Items.

SKU: OB030

Material: Brass 

Type:  Brass Bulkhead Ceiling Light

Making: Handcrafted

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