Antique Passageway Bulkhead Ceiling Light with Shade
Material :  Aluminum
Avaibility In Stock :  Yes
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Its an Aluminum Bulkhead Ship Light with Shade. Its a Replica New Light from old salvaged ship lights. One of our best Nautical Light in Stock. Mainly used in Homes, Hotels, Ships, Gardens, Livingway, etc places. Mainly Designed for a lively Antique Lover. I gives a better Antique and Vintage Texture to the walls & Backgrounds. We have the best Collection of Nautical Vintage Lights and Items.

SKU : B005

Material : Aluminum

Type : Aluminum Bulkhead/Ceiling Light

Making : Handcrafted

Dimensions : Light (Length - 10 Inches )

                       Shade (Diameter - 12 Inches )

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