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Summary: We are a prominent manufacturer and supplier of vintage ship lights. Our products are sold all over the world and are famous among customers. These are available in various shapes and pure metal is used. Due to this, the product sustain for years. is the oldest and finest company in manufacturing, dealing, and supplying old ship lights. These lights are mostly used in ships and look classy and sophisticated. Customers do order such types of lights as they want to make their place look classy and eye-catching. Although there are many stores where such lights are found, the quality which we deliver is unique and hence people visit our store to get the best of best. Old ship lights for sale at reasonable rates are available at our store. These are also known as antique ship lights and can be sued in gardens, corridors, hotels, and restaurants too. We all are very familiar with the proverb “old is gold”, hence whatever old things were there, they are now welcomed by the new generation. Therefore, antique brass ship lights of excellent quality and pure brass are found only at Such lights are used to décor the residence, hotels, restaurants, and gardens. It renovates the place completely and is easy to install and unmount. We guarantee that be any product, our support team provides detailed information about the product and explains it to the customer until their satisfaction. After visiting a number of stores, eventually, the customer lands at our place and purchases the product.

To know more about the lights, has introduced one more product that is in demand and loved by the customer. Vintage ship lights look excellent in a restaurant or hotels. These lights capture the customer’s attention and give a positive vibe to the place. Our store has an exclusive collection of this light and hence people must visit it once to know more about our collections, products, and services. Our company motto is, we want to deliver the best to the customer, hence our team keeps on struggling with new ideas and designs that will catch the customer’s attraction at once and they will buy the product immediately.

Therefore, be it a residence or commercial place, nautical lights are required to make the place beautiful. We are in this industry for two decades and therefore we have started reading the customer and we understand their requirements. Our team explains the in and out of the product before purchasing it. Also, the rates available are reasonable compared to others. Hence, people suggest our store to others and even we are loyal to the customers. Our intention is to give the topmost quality product and to keep the relationship growing.  


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Summary: is the leading and best online store where all types of nautical lights, vintage lights, and many more are available. These lights showcase the place and create an aura. The team members are good enough to listen patiently to the customer’s query.   

In today’s date, numerous online stores and shops are available on the web and in the market. But is the unique one because we don’t compromise on quality and the products manufactured are durable for years. We manufacture vintage maritime lights that give a getup to the residence, industry, or any garden. These lights are also found in restaurants, hotels, and in many other commercial sectors. According to the customer’s requirements, the product is molded into particular shapes and sizes. Pure brass, copper, and aluminum metal are used. Here, quality is given the utmost priority and the product is manufactured and sold to other regions and countries. These lights attract people as each design is unique and customer easily get attracted to it. Not to worry about the budget as these lights are reasonable and people from other locations keep on ordering them. We at are experts in dealing with these products. The majority of customers demand nautical lights for sale and thus we keep this product in stock and the price is reasonable compared to others. These products are mainly found in ships, hotels, restaurants, and in gardens. The metal used is copper or brass. People fond of any material can place an order and get it delivered to the desired location within no time.    

Similarly, many other lights are manufactured by refurbishing the old ones. These old parts are found at the ship-breaking yard and from those parts, our team members select the working ones and the rest are kept in scrap. Vintage antique lights are given to the guests who are fond of them. These lights are decorative and they look excellent in residential and industrial areas. We at has bulk products and we deliver the best to the customer.

We are in this industry for years and we keep on updating our products and team to deliver the unique and best products. Nautical lights are seen on ships and cruises. These are made up of brass because these lights must sustain in any climatic conditions. Visit our store and see our exclusive nautical lights that are mostly used in chandeliers, sconces, and coastal lighting fixtures.
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Summary: is the pioneer manufacturer, dealer, and supplier of marine products. We guarantee that our products and their durability are excellent. Give a visit to our store and get details about every product.     

Right from nautical ship lights to vintage nautical lights, has come up with a new product known as nautical swan lightThese lights look stylish and steal the guest attraction. It comes in various shapes and sizes. These types of lights are manufactured using Acrylic metal. It looks attractive for home décor, offices, restaurants, and gardens. Customers buy these products as the trust factor has built up and our experienced and skilled team clears all the doubts of the customers and is available 24*7. We are manufacturing these products by refurbishing the parts of the old ones. is famous for many other such products too. One of them is nautical sconce lights. These stylish nautical sconce lights made of authentic brass and copper metal are available at These lights are generally used in corridors, passageways, and garden areas. Sconce means a fixture where a small candle, light lamp, or bulb can be fixed and will reflect the particular area and not the complete room. Nautical sconce light is in great demand and people are ordering them from various parts of the country. This product is useful in various places and the walls look stylish and attractive. The advantage of nautical sconce light is, they are mounted upward and doesn’t occupy much space. Other lights like table lamps, and wall-mounted lightning require much space. The durability of this light is excellent and the quality is to the next level. The installation process is simple and our team members install it within no time. Such light looks attractive and it gives a get-up to the room. 

Is the customer is looking for nautical brass light? is the perfect online store. A variety of quality products are available at reasonable rates. Our team is the backbone of our company. They keep on innovating new ideas and even the customer welcomes them with an open arm. These lights are observed on ships and cruises, these are very much useful. Such lights are made up of pure brass, hence they can work smoothly in any weather conditions and last long for years. Day by day, many new products have been introduced in this industry. According to the trend, MarinelightUSA has introduced a new product known as swan shade light. The shape of this product attracts the customer and they order it immediately. This light looks attractive in-home interior and the maintenance of this is also simple. Due to the shape, this product is appealing to thousands of customers and the demand is increasing tremendously. has become famous all over the world. Due to customers’ support and trust, we have come up to this level. Understanding customer satisfaction and requirement is our team’s priority. Once they have achieved this, the manufacturing of the product goes to another level. Do visit and get the details of any other products.

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Summary: We are a well-known and trustworthy company since 2004. Right from fixture wall mount to various other nautical light products are available at our store at low price. We refurbish the materials and a brand-new product is being manufactured.  

Marine Light USA has a huge collection of nautical lights, antique telephones, barometers, bells and whistles, clocks, tube lights, and so on. The material used by our team is of high quality and thus customer has built up a trust-factor about our company. Fixture wall mounts of various sizes and shapes are available. This includes sconces, diffusers, and vanity lights. Many other small nautical lights can be mounted on the wall which looks decorative and the wall gets a different look. It is simple to install and for this, hardly any wiring is required. This is very useful in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc. One can select wall-mounted luminaries and fluorescent lamps can be chosen in order to save energy. Customers must visit as we have a variety of collections for this and all our customers do order from our store itself. Our team-mates are 24/7 available for the customer’s query.         

People who are in search of maritime antique products that include, telephones, wall clocks, nautical lights, and many more, can visit We are the topmost manufacturers, dealers, and suppliers of nautical products. Our business is growing day by day and people from any corner of the world do visit our online store as they want to decorate their houses, offices, garden, restaurants, villas, etc. For all such reasons, we are the best company to deal with. We understand the customer’s requirements and based on that the product is manufactured. Also, Wall lights of various sizes and shapes are found that can be easily used to décor the home or commercial place. These lights are available at reasonable rates. These wall lights give a get-up to the residence or to the commercial place.

One can find a huge collection of antique ship lights of attractive designs and shapes. Usually, these lights are observed on cruises or on ships. But the one who is fond of antique ship lights can order it for home purposes too. These are customized and handmade products; hence pure metal is used and, in the end, the customer will be happy to buy it from our store. Another important and flexible product manufactured from our end is the wall sconce light. This is simple to install and its main use is to hang candles or light lamps. It will illuminate the small section which is being covered by the wall sconce light.

Overall, there is no doubt to say that is the leading and top company all over the world!! Customer engagement to the website is increasing and our team is also skilled and sharp to satisfy all the queries of the customers.
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Why Choose Solid Brass Lighting fixtures from Marine Light USA?

With time, there have been countless debates surrounding the best metal to choose when selecting the best lighting fixtures for your homes, offices, and factories. From a durability and value perspective, there are multiple factors to be kept in mind, solid brass lights have proven over a long time a great choice for indoor and outdoor lighting.

Brass is one of the durable metals derived from a combination of copper and zinc. Among its many qualities, brass is well-known for its ability to survive in all environments, especially brass lights from marine ships and boats. Brass products typically start bright and then naturally turn darker over time. In salt-rich environments such as marine ships and coasts, the brass will eventually turn green or verdigrises’ which enhances the beauty of these perfect nautical lights. Specifically, Brass: is one of the most Durable Materials and there’s a reason the Navy uses brass & bronze throughout their vessels. Its unique composition is designed to ‘stand the tests of time, complimenting all types of home decoration.

With an ability to withstand High Temperatures and Humidity or Sea Air. One of the primary reasons for using it on ships, brass is fire-resistant and performs flawlessly when exposed to saltwater, rough air, and harsh climatic conditions. Immune to corrosion- Unlike other metal-plated products which can corrode, flake off or collapse over time, brass has one of the highest resistances to rust and corrosion and it looks great on any type of wall or ceiling.

Continuous tackle with harsh conditions turns brass into a muted yellow, an almost gold-like metal that goes with just about everything! But, if you’re looking for the durability of solid brass absent its signature color, virtually any finish, from satin nickel to oil-rubbed bronze to pewter and more can be custom plated. These are the qualities that make the brass lights a perfect addition to your home including the indoor and outdoor application of these lights.

Though new solid brass fixtures can initially be more expensive, here we are Marine Light USA, which brings you the most dependable brass lights extracted and restored from coastal vessels such as VLCC Ships, Cargo containers, Rigs, and passenger’s vessels at an affordable price and Omni-design perfect for almost every corner of your place and we assure you that they’re worth it in the long run, brass lights will naturally tarnishing and gain more character as they age. Whether installed indoors or outdoors, on the ocean or in the mountains, unlacquered or chrome-plated, its unique durability makes a solid brass lighting fixture an ideal choice for any project.
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Commercial and industrial nautical lights can be used for a range of purposes. Home decoration, office restoration, garden beautification, and to make your industries more appealing and beautiful. Various environments affect how a marine light is designed as well: coastal lights are not subject to the same conditions as your regular and conventional offshore lighting fixture. It should be noted that various fixtures can be used in electronics and other industries, but we will not be covering those here. In this article, we’re going to cover and summarise the most significant and best piece of home decoration product that is nautical lights and marine products supplied by the most trusted, reliable manufacturers and dealers of nautical lights, as well as the top marine products exporter of marine items that is Marine Light USA. 

Marine Light USA prides itself on being the United States’ premier wholesale marine lighting distributor. Headquartered in New York City, Marine Light USA specializes in marine lighting fixtures products, and accessories, marine electrical lights, and other materials necessary for the renovation of your home, office, or hotel into the perfect marine theme along with the modification and repair of the nautical lights with genuine and original spare parts.

Marine Light USA is a second-generation family-owned business operating in the United States dating back to the early 2010s. Originally as charter fishermen, we soon recognized the need for a facility to get the best nautical lights for your commercial and civilian space. Marine Light USA is the best online store to buy nautical lighting fixtures at an affordable price, after our active operations we immediately set the standards in the maritime products industry with the introduction of our service of providing the most genuine nautical products easily. Our current offering has matured into models such as pendant lights, chandeliers, and wall lights. Our other entities include full service of the products, modification of the marine lights as per the requirements, and wholesale supplies with overnight shipping and doorstep delivery. Just mention Marine Light USA’s nautical products to anyone in the industry and see how they respond.

Marine Light USA was established over 15 years ago due to local demand to purchase the best maritime materials used in the decoration of homes, gardens, industries, and garages. Since the company was originally established as a marine product supplier, our initial product offerings targeted homeowners and interior decorators who are looking for unique decoration options. As our product lines grew we recognized that our selection was demanded in other industries as well. Now as “Marine Light USA Supply” we service marine, nautical and industrial accounts. Marine Light USA has shown rapid growth because of our business philosophy and genuine marine items that “our customers will receive outstanding service in all phases of their buying experience.” We value demonstrating our philosophy to new customers and would also like to thank our existing customers for their support over the years.

Decorate your indoor and outdoor spaces with vintage nautical lights.

Wall lamps can be used for many purposes in both indoor and outdoor lighting. Swing arm wall lights and sconce lights are an ideal way to add layers of ambient light to many rooms in a home, such as hallways and entryways. They are also versatile enough to serve as work lights in some locations. For example, sconces can illuminate your bathroom vanity mirror for tasks like applying makeup.

Whether you’re looking for traditional, modern, or rustic sconces, or want to add an antique, industrial, or nautical touch to your space, Shades of Light has a sconce style that will add elegance and style to your space and makes it more beautiful.

Our accessory styling and finishes incorporate natural elements such as seashells, twigs, and driftwood; metals such as copper, bronze, brass, and wrought iron; and sleek options like minimalist black, clear Murano glass, and fine glass. Our families of chandeliers and matching chandeliers also make it easy to choose lights that look great together.

Chandeliers are great hallway lighting fixtures because they can be placed evenly in both long and short hallways to provide even lighting as you move through your home and you want your guests to admire it. is the place where you can get all these beautiful lights at an affordable price. We at have been active in the market for more than a decade and we can proudly state that we are the best online store to buy nautical lighting fixtures and wall lights with all the available designs and materials. Our long list of marine products and vintage nautical lights makes us the best nautical lights wholesaler in The United States. is your place to come and buy all the vintage lighting fixtures on sale.
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Chandeliers from marine light USA- the perfect nautical lighting fixture for homes.

With Marine Light USA, you’re not just buying some ordinary marine items, you’re choosing the maritime industry’s largest, most trusted supplier and dealer of vintage antique nautical lighting products and marine products backed by nearly four decades by the top manufacturer and renowned names of the marine industry.

Come inside our online store and take a look at some of the most beloved and recommended marine accessories for any home or place. You can witness the difference in your place BEFORE/AFTER the installation of some out-of-the-box and creative products that highpoint the versatility of our marine products and our custom installation and creative capabilities.

The brass chandelier marine light made and served the best VLCC vessel for over 2 decades, is a premium quality nautical lighting fixture perfect for any home or office, with a sleek and sophisticated design with a vintage build – exclusively handcrafted and restored by our exclusive and experienced team with original parts. These antique and stylish self-catering items, available in various designs and materials configurations, can comfortably lighten up your hallway, passageway, living room, office or industry and are designed and manufactured to last long and survive any harsh and tough climatic conditions and with cost efficient and energy efficient ability, making these chandeliers the best nautical light for home decor, unlike anything on the market. In our current configuration of brass and aluminium, we also offer an option to convert these lighting fixtures with extra pendants and coating that will make them more durable and appealing.

We are an online store providing full service and products of the best maritime products extracted from the ships and vessels, featuring products such as marine doors, anchors, nautical telephones, marine signal spotlights, pendants lights and a whole new unique range of genuine antique nautical products for homes, offices, gardens or motels. Marine Light USA has been a family-owned business for more than 3 decades and serving with an online store since 2004.

We are the dealer for marine products salvaged from Rigs, cruise, passenger vessels, Tugs, and tankers made by the best nautical products manufacturer. Our selection of new and used marine and boat items includes pendant lights, propellers, anchors, table lamps, marine wall clocks and marine taps popularly delivered in the US, UK and Australia. Visit our e-commerce store for nautical purchases and let our knowledgeable and committed staff help you and your family pick out the marine light that best suits your needs and place. You can also send us an email us at with any questions about our new and used marine items here at


Buy the most effective and unique marine lights at an affordable price

If you’ve looked at new boats and large ships recently, then you know that lighting has become an integral part of marine design and quality has always been the talk of the town when it comes to marine products. Aside from the standard red and green navigation lights and white stern lights, unique lighting fixtures and custom lighting solutions are a huge industry, and they can make any place look amazing from house to coast! Let us help you understand some of the vintage and original nautical products we offer at our online store, available to make your place stand out when the sun sets.

The primary function of marine navigation lights was to aid the prevention of any major accident from happening, but once it is extracted and restored, and refurbished by our professionals, these nautical products and lighting fixtures have a huge impact on how your hallway and gardens look and increase the beauty of the place it is installed. Lights aren’t just to indicate one’s own status but also, it is probably the most important aspect when complying and aiming to have your place more appealing looks. 

Whether it’s from an international container port, a local terminal, or for maritime crane equipment, we’re dedicated to designing and delivering the most highly advanced, beautiful, durable, efficient, and innovative nautical lighting solutions that will perfectly fit your place and make it more beautiful. We have been working hard for over a decade to help you buy the most effective and unique marine products at an affordable price. What makes us the most recommended nautical lights exporter is the wide range of products we are offering, slightly modified to perfectly complement your home and outdoor area. Visit and get the latest nautical lighting fixtures along with the best service in the market.
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The perfect place to buy nautical light fixtures at a low cost.

Marine light USA is an e-commerce store built by experienced professionals working in the industry for more than 2 decades. Founded in 2004, our company’s mission is to provide everyone with quality marine products and nautical lighting fixtures at the lowest price on the web. Over the past 10 years, we have continually strived to make our e-commerce store as customer friendly and easy to shop as possible.

Marine light USA, a 100% employee-owned, a trusted company based in New York, is an exporter and dealer of high-quality marine products, advanced nautical lights, vintage, and antique marine products, and refurbished marine articles, as well as a key supplier of these products to the market. With more than 12 years in the commercial, industrial and marine markets, Marine light USA has sales and support teams in 12 regions throughout America. Our company’s extensive product range and knowledge are available to its customers through a full-service department and a professional customer service group. Product categories include swan shade Lighting fixtures, chandeliers, Brass lights, Anchors, wall clocks, pendant lighting, marine clocks, Doors, Hatches, and other specialty nautical products.

We have a dedicated team ensuring customer satisfaction by listening carefully to what our clients want and their needs. Whether to redesign any product as per your place or browse the latest trends, a design consultation specific to new home construction or renovation, or a detailed quotation from our professional sales specialists, we work hard to exceed and meet our client’s expectations while always maintaining value, design, and budget. Visit and get huge discounts and offers on all types of lighting fixtures and nautical products.
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