New Aluminum Swan Neck Wall Sconce Light
Material :  Aluminum
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Our ever-popular passageway wall lights. Made with all the style & grace of the original ocean liner lights of the 60’s originals. 90-degree lights with a solid cage, these lights are the perfect size for home, boat, or office interiors. Suitable for a whole host of interior decors, elegant marine fittings. Easy access to the bulb holder, the cage, and the jam jar glass unscrew. Larger versions are available. We also do these fittings in Brass in both sizes. We aim to always have these in stock. We ship all over the Globe, if you would like a shipping quote, please contact us with your delivery address

SKU: S013

Material: Aluminum

Category: Sconce Light

Making: Handcrafted

Maker: Marine Light USA

Dimension: Length- 9 inches, Width- 4 inches

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